What is the first step?

Click on the link below to fill out an intake form. We will gather some preliminary information about your child and your insurance benefits, and we can provide information about scheduling and what to expect from a treatment program.

What will happen when a provider comes to my house?

A Red House Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will arrange a time with you to visit so they can perform an initial assessment and evaluation of your child. The BCBA will then develop an individualized treatment plan which will contain multiple interventions geared to your child’s specific needs. Depending on the type of program, a Behavior Tutor or the analyst will lead one-to-one sessions with your child as soon as scheduling can be arranged. Parent and caregiver training are always part of the treatment plan.

How will I know who is coming into my home and working with my child?

Any Red House provider that comes to your home has undergone a thorough background check at the local, state and federal level. Supervisors have a master’s degree or a doctorate in psychology, education or Behavior Analysis and have obtained Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA). Our Behavior Therapists have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field, supervised case experience and ongoing training in child development, autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Will my child have one person working with him or will it be a rotating team?

Our preference is to keep the same providers on each case for the duration. We do not rotate Behavior Therapists in and out of cases unless extenuating circumstances dictate a change.

Will I be taught how to help my child when the ABA therapist is gone?

Absolutely. Parent/caregiver training is part of every Treatment Plan and we strongly advise parents to participate in the sessions so that they can learn the interventions. Parent participation contributes to the success of ABA therapy programs.

Will this kind of therapy have lasting effects?

The amount of progress a child makes depends on his or her innate ability to learn, the individually tailored ABA program and the quality of the interventions. But there is ample scientific evidence that ABA can create a significant and lasting transformation in a child’s life. Children can recover social and language skills, significantly lessen problematic behavior, and may be able to be mainstreamed.

How much will it cost for ABA services? Will insurance cover it?

In a growing number of states, insurance companies are mandated to cover the cost of Applied Behavior Analysis for autism. Services are pre-authorized after a review of the initial treatment plan. Depending on your particular policy, there may be co-pays or deductibles associated with your coverage. Red House will work with you and your insurance company to provide details on the scope of your coverage and to assist you in accessing the services you need. The Red House team is happy to help you understand your benefits.