How do I find out whether my client requires a Tricare or Non-Tricare session note?

To determine the correct session note for your client, you can either ask your BCBA or access the information on Aloha. To find this information on Aloha: Log in to your Aloha account and locate the people icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on “client list,” choose the desired client, and then click on the “authorization” tab located at the top of the page next to “profile.” On this page, you will find a box displaying the insurance information in blue text at the top.

Why am I being directed to contact my administrator for permission to create an appointment?

Most often, this occurs when a provider creates an appointment and selects “service” before “client.” Please try creating the appointment again and choose “client” first and then select the service from the pop up window. It could also be due to an incorrect entry for the date or start/end time of session. Please check the date and session times are correct.